We think BIG.
We think in possibilities.
We believe in creativity.

Product and marketing managers have told us for years: “I need an ad”. But true branding goes beyond advertising, a logo or a website. It’s about how you differentiate your business from competition, how you connect with your customers, how you create an experience and how you build trust and loyalty. What many businesses really need is a unique campaign to position them in the marketplace and let customers know why they should choose them. Our mission is to create strong campaigns that positively impact your reputation and ultimately drive sales and business growth.

We listen to your goals, your challenges, understand your competitors and your channel to market and partner with you to create an effective marketing strategy.

No matter whether you’re a small or medium sized business: We think big. We think in possibilities. We believe in creativity. We endeavor to develop a creative branding strategy first and see if the budget can support the plan.

We are passionate about creating bright ideas that articulate your vision, connect you with your customers, align your teams and have a positive impact on future growth.

Bright ideas start here.

Eirrin Designz

A successful brand or corporate design reflects your identity, builds your brand and engages your customers.

Rad Harbor Vintage

Rad Harbor Vintage needed an online presence to showcase its unique mid-century furniture and provide its growing customer base with updates on services and pieces. Owner Conrad Petzinger worked with Eirrin to create a website featuring a clean dynamic design that is easy to maintain and can evolve with changing needs.

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